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Epstein's Little Black Book

Epstein's creepy phonebook of the rich and famous.

Ghislaine Maxwell has been sentenced to 20 years for trafficking underage girls for sex.

To whom exactly? We want to know.


The Evidence

An Address book filled with Jeffrey Epstein's contacts was used as evidence in Maxwell's trial by the Judge overseeing the case. There have been hopes - and fears - that such contact lists could include the names not only of his victims, but also of prominent figures he socialized with and in some cases was accused of introducing young girls for sexual abuse. 

But the ruling, issued on Thursday December 9th 2021, does not mean those contacts will become public. Just one book, labeled as Exhibit GX52, is at issue in Maxwell's trial, and in negotiations in federal court on Friday, the prosecution and defense agreed that only excerpts would be introduced, under seal. Well, We The People think that's bullshit.

Epstein's Frequent Flyers

We demand an investigation.

We Want The Names demand Epstein's clients be made public and prosecuted. This isn't just about getting some "list of names", this is about restoring the POWER back to the people.

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