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Frequently Asked Questions

We Want The Names Foundation and Event Information Page

Due to the interactive nature of our non-profit organization, we understand that many questions may come up from time to time. The following is a collection of the questions we get asked the most, which you can browse below. If you still have doubts after going through the list, get in touch and someone from our team will get back to you ASAP.


Where are we meeting on October 8th in DC?

Our application for an assembly permit at Lincoln Memorial from 12pm - 8pm has been received by MPD's Special Operations Division,  we are waiting on the official confirmation before announcing this location. If our permit is denied, plan to meet us at Franklin Park at 13th & K St NW. Keep checking this page for updates on location.


Why did you chose to host your event on the same weekend as the women's march?

We felt this weekend would be the perfect time and place to spread our message about human trafficking and demanding transparency from our government. We want justice for all of the women who are victims of sex trafficking and felt the women's march would be a great place to form alliances. We are not counter-protesting their movement, we are only focused on our mission.


How do I become a volunteer?

Submit your contact info in one of our forms on this website or email asking for an application.

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